Having problem with your Gaggia Coffee Machine?

- Great tasting coffee just a memory?

- Is there water under your coffee machine?

- Taking too long to heat up?

- Your coffee machine gives strange noises?

If you are lucky enough to have a Gaggia, Saeco, Jura or Spidem domestic coffee machine but fell in the minority of those owners who have a problem with their machine.
Do not worry! You are in the right place!
We repair and service Gaggia, Saeco, Jura and Spidem domestic coffee machines.

Our service is designed to help your coffee machine get recovered fast and help you to save money on your repair cost.

What we can offer is an assurance of professional, quick, reliable service which includes original Gaggia and Saeco factory parts with 6 months labour and parts guarantee.

On the top of all, if you get your coffee machine to our service centre we do a FREE revision and repairing quotation to let you decide how to make your next step.

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